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THE BOSS is the greatest artist as well as the greatest guitar player to ever exist. For over 30 years he has been putting out great music and he will continue to do so for many years. Just listen to the solo in 'Prove It All Night' Most guitarists would need a Whammy Bar to perform that solo. Bruce is so good he can create the effects of a Whammy Bar without having one. There is no other guitarist that can do that. This page is a collage of photos from the long awaited Reunion tour of Bruce and the E-Street Band. In 1999 when the tour started it was the first time in over 10 years that they performed together and almost every show sold out in minutes.

Like I mentioned earlier the Prove it All Night guitar solo is the greatest guitar solo in history. Forget the Free Bird solo by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eruption by Van Halen, Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix, and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. These solos do not compare to the Prove It All Night Solo. I am sure you have all seen the solo before, but for those of you who have not I have included a video clip of it. In addition to Bruces guitar solo you are also treated to a Saxophone solo by Clarence. Please watch it and you will see what I mean providing you do not pass out from the intensity of it.

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Most of the photos on the next page are from the Reunion Tour including The Cincinnati show which I was fortunate enough to attend.

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