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Hello, thank you for continuing your journey into my webpage.
I know you want to see it all but you must make a choice of what to see first.
If you have time make sure you download all the video clips they are very interesting. If you are pressed for time and can only visit one portion of this page make sure this is it :The best part of my page
  1. My tribute to the Rocky Movies
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  3. My Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
  4. My Tribute to U2
  5. A page dedicated to my Job
  6. My Favorite Bands
  7. A photo and other information about me
  8. The Best Movies Ever Made
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  11. Differential Equations, Physics and reviews of other Courses I have taken here at UMD
  12. My tribute to Saved By The Bell
  13. My tribute to Charles in Charge
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  15. Click here to watch the computer release some anger
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