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Rocky 2 is a very good movie. It is probably the weakest in the series but what you have to remember while watching it is that IT'S ROCKY so who cares if it is not that great.

The movie begins with flashbacks from the ending of Rocky 1. After the flashbacks Apollo and Rocky are both rushed to the hospital. Apollo wants a rematch at the hospital. Luckily for Apollo Rocky declines.

After both fighters are released from the hospital Rocky and Adrian get married.

Rocky tries to live a normal life with Adrian and does not want to fight anymore. He tries his luck at television commercials but he is not successful.

In the meantime Apollo wants a rematch he tries to taunt Rocky in everyway possible to get him back in the ring.

Rocky wants to fight and after bugging Mickey for a while Mickey decides to train him again.

Rocky and Adrian decide to have a child. Adrian however is very mad at Rocky for fighting again. Rocky ignores her anger and starts training slowly.

Adrian has the child however, there are complications and she slips into a coma. This makes Rocky too nervous to train. Mickey starts to get very worried, the fight is so close and he knows Rocky is not ready. Luckily Adrian wakes up and offers Rocky some words of encouragement "WIN"!

Rocky is now motivated and starts training seriously.

The fight lasts 15 rounds again and both fighters do quite well.

However there is a slight difference this time. Rocky wins!!!!!

Rocky is so happy he can only say one thing. Place your mouse over the picture above to hear his Victory Speech.


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