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Rocky 3 is the best in the series. It opens with scenes from the fight with Apollo from part 2.

There is a new fighter who appears to be very good. A very brutal and tough fighter. Clubber Lang

Clubber wants a shot at the title. However Rocky does not want to fight at first. He wants to retire and live a normal life.

However Clubber has a way to upset Rocky and he does a good job at it. Rocky decides to accept his challenge.
Highlight but do not click the picture below to hear Rocky accept his offer.

Mickey once again trains Rocky. On the day of the fight Clubber is not nervous. He has got Rockys strategy all figured out.
Highlight but do not click on the picture below to hear what Clubber has to say before the fight.

Rocky and Clubber meet up before the fight and almost start fighting in the hallway. However it is broken up, but not before Clubber pushes Mickey out of the way. Mickey is hurt and cannot watch the fight.

Rocky is nervous due to Mickeys health and cannot concentrate on the fight. He lands a few hits. Clubber is much stronger than he thought. He is wore out after the first round.

Unfortunately the second round comes. It is sad to say but Rocky is no match for Clubber. Clubber knocks him out this round.

Click on Clubber above if you can handle watching Rocky get knocked out:

After the fight Rocky rushes to Mickeys side. Unfortunately Mickey dies a few seconds later.

Rocky is upset and he wants revenge!
An unlikely individual shows up to talk to Rocky and offers to train him so he can "Whoop that Chump Clubber Lang" The individual does mention that he wants a form of compensation for training Rocky.
Highlight but do not click the picture below to hear his compensation request.
Do you know who it is have you figured out who shows up and offers to train Rocky?
Thats right APOLLO CREED!!!!

They begin the training and it goes quite well.

Rocky is ready for Clubber this time.
The fight goes quite well for Rocky.
His strategy this time is to wear Clubber out early and when Clubber is tired knock him out.

Rocky starts taunting Clubber.
Highlight but do not click the picture below to hear Rocky taunt Clubber.

Rocky knocks Clubber out in the 3rd round and wins the fight!!!!

At the very end of the movie Rocky compensates Apollo by boxing with him.
The end scene is a legendary scene and a very controversial scene that has been the topic of many debates.
Many People have debated whos hit lands first?
If you ask me I say Rockys hit definitely lands first

Why dont you watch this clip and see whos hit you think lands first.
Click here and decide for yourself

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